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Coastsoccer.com is the communications center of the Coast Soccer League. It is visited each day by tens of thousands of parents, coaches, team officials, players, referees and casual web surfers. The CSL Board of Directors and staff, Age Coordinators, Referee Assignors, Club Administrators, Team Administrators, Bracket Scorekeepers, League Cup Scorekeepers - over 2500, that's right, 2500 dedicated people, mostly volunteers, are involved in maintaining the information you find here. And a few more numbers for you - this season CSL has over 2200 teams, over 180 clubs and more than 35,000 players who will participate in over 15,500 games played on 500 fields.

Just in case you're interested, here is an explanation on how the information you find here, gets here.

TEAM ADMINISTRATORs start in the spring by completing the online team application. Each team must apply to play in CSL by May 15. TAs also maintain team rosters. If players have e-mail, the TA can use coastsoccer.com to send e-mail messages. Rosters are linked to Red and Yellow Card reports and are printed on Match Reports generated by TAs before each game. TAs input coach information and maintain the link to the team web site from coastsoccer.com.

CLUB ADMINISTRATORs maintain club information including the club's web ite link, location (for players searching for teams) and the club logo. They also update the list of officials that you find with each club profile. In addition, field information is the responsibility of CAs -- maps, mudlines (number to call in case of bad weather), driving directions and the link for field weather reports (courtesy of The Weather Channel).

LEAGUE CUP and BRACKET SCOREKEEPERS are busiest on weekends when they input game results, red and yellow card reports and referee attendance.

REFEREE ASSIGNORS are responsible for -- take a wild guess -- yep, assigning referees and confirming referee placement.

Behind what you see at coastsoccer.com are many linked data files that contain teams, schedules, revisions, players, administrators, clubs, areas, titles, brackets, referees, assignors, cards, stats, fields and e-mail addresses. Imagine how simple, but how complex, it can be: schedules are linked to teams and fields and brackets; teams are linked to clubs and players; fields are linked to clubs; referees are linked to the schedule and to assignors, who are linked to fields; cards are linked to players - oh forget it. You get the idea.

We hope you enjoy "clicking around" at coastsoccer.com.